Past performance is no indicator of future results (we don't know when the next collapse will come)


Past performance is no indicator of future results (we don't know when the next collapse will come) Why do the rich get richer every year, and the poor get poorer (despite the fact that everyone around us is well fed and is not hungry) ?It's all about the " by-product " of our actions. actions — we get richer, not because of the money we earn, but because of the actions of others (whom we "benefit" by" working with the money). In this article, we will talk about how to become more charitable, that is to say, how to "make friends" with money in order to get rid of it (and stop relying on it forever). "Eat the elephant" - how to get rich and live in affluenceA person's attitude to money will significantly affect his future financial success. The rich person is not someone who earns a lot, but someone who values his work and knows how to manage his money competently. The poor person respects himself and his achievements (but he doesn't give a damn about the result). The rich person is someone who has become so because of their financial capabilities (which enables them to properly handle the money earned).The poor person doesn't even bother with appearance (and doesn't wear a watch or tie). He is content with the fact that he earned a certain amount of money.The rich person is someone who has become rich because of the intervention of nature (and is therefore protected by the laws of the universe). The poor person respects himself, but not God (who has created all things for us). 2) Who is more generous? The rich or the poor person?If you think that we are talking about different types of income, then you are absolutely right.The fact is that rich and poor people differ not in the type of income they receive, but in the approach they take to its multiplication. A rich person is one who has at least three sources of income: 1) passive income (this is, income from his investments);2) salary (current income);3) a well-made investment (income from the sale of his assets). A poor person has only two sources of income: salary (which he does not keep, but spends on things that "fall from the sky", i.e. from the pockets) and interest on Bank deposits (which he does not have, but is used to receiving from the Bank). 3) to become rich, you need to:1) Make a decision to become rich (to do this, you will need to take the right steps).2) Make a decision to become poor (to do this, you will need to take on the correct financial attitude to your finances). 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".